And the Bowl!

Those who work hard, should play hard.

Today I gave myself permission to play.

The result? Beautiful colors of Easter Eggs, baked brownies and a feast of leftovers for lunch. We sang and danced making joyful (and not so joyful) noise. When the sun broke through the rain clouds we went outside for a good old-fashioned ice cream social, complete with rainbow sprinkles.


Sure – it took awhile to scrape the chocolate off faces, scrub vegetable dye off hands and clean a kitchen that looked like the real Easter Bunny had a fight with a chocolate one…but it was worth it.

I never allow myself much time to play. Even during the Pandemic, when most parts of the world ground to a halt, and people wherever they were stuck, whether a crowded city apartment or a lonely country farmhouse, had two modes –worried or bored– I was still working hard at finishing a book and trying to fulfill my work responsibilities remotely. I never had a chance to get bored.

A year later, after contracting a mild case (thankfully) of COVID early on, and just recently having carpel tunnel release surgery, I am still feeling fatigued and behind deadline. I constantly have to remind myself – I am working as hard as I can and I am allowed to take time to take care of myself and allowed to have fun.

Certainly, there is a lot of baggage here a trained psychologist could unravel – but the point is – as a chronic overachiever I need to focus that energy on playing as hard as I work. I am sure I knew this as a young adult. But then responsibilities piled on and sometimes I forget to laugh.

As many people know, and my co-blogger was the last person to point out to me – laughter is the best medicine. So I am beefing up my repertoire of jokes. And watching silly YouTube videos. But most importantly, I am approaching everything with a consciously lightened heart. I am determined to let the joy which is in each of us bubble to the surface, and determined to spend the rest of my life not complaining about what went wrong, but giggling about what went right.

And YES I will continue to lick both the spoon and the bowl.

© Jane F. Collen March 26, 2021

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