So, what is Index Card Cure™?

index card Mar

On ancient maps, unknown regions were tagged, “here be dragons”. Does it sometimes feel like there are fire-breathing monsters lurking around every corner? Life is unpredictable and finite. It may be hard to even pause and ponder what matters most. The information overload of modern times creates stresses. The path to making decision or taking action is unclear and the lack of clarity can lead to inertia–I don’t even know where to start. The Index card cure™ (ICC) life management system is an interactive platform for managing the overwhelming choices of modern life. ICC may be a key that unlocks the door to getting things done.

The ICC system is a collection of best practice checklists covering body, mind, spirit, and relationships. The mind map graphic gives a sense for the various areas the Index card cure™ will cover. The lists will help simplify complexities on diverse topics, such as online security, fit tips, and getting things done. ICC will guide you with baby steps and small changes because well begun is half done. Index card cure™ system gives you more time for what matters most and time is our most precious resource.

ICC mindma[

We are not aiming for perfection or mastery but completion. The 80% solution is often good enough. We hope to get the NUTs—nagging unfinished tasks—off your to-do list.

Would you like more order, calm, and clarity? Are you ready to commit to streamlining and optimizing your life? Check out the Index Card Cure™ blogs and discover how small changes over time make a big difference.

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