Index Card Cure™: Partner with us

ICC collaborator blog

In search of Index Card Cures™… Together we are better. No one knows everything, but everyone knows something. You have skills and interests that we would like to learn. We are looking to feature people whose interests and missions we respect. Would you like to expand your circle of connections by contributing a post to our site?

You may be just the person we are looking to highlight.
~Tell us about your passions.
~What topic have you made an effort to master?
~Have others been impressed with your expertise and told you that you should hang out your shingle?

We want to hear from you. We’re looking for people with passion who are interested in the grassroots power achieved by cross-posting on Index Card Cure™. We ask collaborators to provide a short bio explaining how their interest developed. What advice on your topic/area of expertise can you share that fits on no more than 7 lines on a 3×5 card? The Index Card Cure™ should be compelling, concise and written so a grandmother (like me!) would understand it. From green home construction, computer security, or meal planning, to fostering dogs or selling on eBay, everyone has at least one index card in them. What’s yours?

If you have a passion you’d like to share with others, but are not too keen on writing, we can interview you and help write your Index Card Cure™.

If you are trying to build your online presence, develop your network, add connections, and grow your brand, we invite you to partner with Index Card Cure™.

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