aloha beach


The less fiery sun still   Hot kisses   Copper-toned skin                              

Between breezes  Warming Vibrant umbrella shades   Retiring colors

Sand crabby children    Entrenched   In sand castles

Caw   In denial of their departure   Scurrying feet and fluttering wings

Retreating    In sandpiper formation


Sun-drenched  Dizzy dazzling  Play-day  Slipping   Sand-like    Through my fingers


A wild ocean whiff   White caps on sea green   Sprays promise   Advent Of the quintessence of the day

The lifeguard’s whistle   Drops   The red and green flags

Straw-like hair  Waves  Across my face  To the departing

I remain   Ensconced in the beach  A tide of new memories rushing back out to sea

Leaving me Wrapped Warmly in SUMMER photo-8


©jfc 2014

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