Aging is so easy: from Susan Clark’s journal


I heard: “Take out your journal. I have something I want to tell you and I want you to write it down.”

“What, I’ve already put everything away.”

“Write this down now!”

This is a conversation (Divine Inspiration is what it was) that I had with God/Spirit and though it may sound as if this Spirit or God is the old man up in the sky who is separate from who I am—I know this is my higher wisdom speaking as Spirit/God. I began writing as fast as I could and there were no rational thought processes involved.

God said, “Aging is so easy. Nothing has to be done to get it. It’s given to you freely. It’s my gift to you.”

“So God, how do I deal with all the changes?”

God said, “You just do–you have everything you need already.”

“Yes, God, on one level, I know that.”

God said, “My question to you my child is, can you live from that level?”

“Resistance is such a way of life for me. Sometimes, it’s hard.”

God said, “When you’re ready to accept all my gifts, you’ll quit resisting.”

“Do I have to do it all at once or can I do it bit by bit?”

God said, “Anyway you wish, my child. You choose. I’m always here, always with you.”

“So I get to choose…..I can make it hard if I wish or easy.”

God said, “Right! You’ve got it.”

“This sounds pretty ridiculous God. Why would I want it to be hard? Is this my feeling that I need to work hard to earn my freedom?”

God said, “I think you’re missing the point. It’s a gift—and it’s already been given to you. What I want you to remember, my child, is that there’s nothing you need to study or learn or work for. You have all the knowledge you need. You’ve done all the ‘work’ you need to do. My gift to you has already been given. You are free–to accept or not. I’d love for you to accept, but it’s your choice. Always remember that.”

“Thanks, God.”

God said, “I have no judgment about this. I don’t judge. I just Love.”

“So God, what do I need to do when I’m feeling fearful, judged, or stuck?”

God said, “There is never anything to do. Only accept. If it helps you to meditate and picture your individual light merging with mine, that’s okay. It’s not necessary but if it is helpful for you, it’s fine.”

“It helps me remember.”

God said, “It’s fine to use whatever helps you—-but remember, my dear, the gift has already been given.
It’s the gift of freedom.
It’s the gift of peace.
It’s the gift of whatever it is that you think you need—it’s already yours.”

“This is pretty amazing, God.”

God said, “Yes my child. YOU are amazing.”

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