Can an index card save your life?

weight lossWhen doctors gave Jim Clements a guarded prognosis due to obesity, deciding to be an ongoing presence in his son’s life gave him the motivation to change. Index cards helped keep him on track. He partly attributes his huge weight loss to encouraging notes written on index cards. Lose a pound; read a note.

Clements had family, friends and even Facebook followers write encouraging notes on 255 index cards, one for every pound he wanted to lose. He reads a card every time he loses a pound.

He still has 35 cards — 35 pounds — until he reaches the bottom of the pile. But Clements, who has been through many diets and failed weight loss attempts, says he knew this resolution needed to extend well beyond 2014.

If you’ve faltered with completing a goal you’ve set for yourself, take a hint from Jim Clements’ weight loss playbook and invest in some index cards. Ask people to write encouraging notes and use the cards for motivation. The life you save may be your own.

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