An act of creation

networking vision board

Created by Cheryle

What are you dreaming for 2015?

“…There is only one enduring spiritual insight and everything else follows from it: The visible world is an active doorway to the invisible world…Matter is, and has always been, the hiding place for the Spirit, forever offering itself to be discovered anew.” Fr Richard Rohr~

How might we find this doorway to the invisible world and listen for the wild, true things? How do you go about creating the life that you want for yourself? One way is to create a treasure map or vision board. A vision board represents the goals, things, people, or attributes you are seeking. It is a collage of assembled images, photos and/or phrases. Place it where you can see and review it regularly.

For the third year, our Namasté group participated in a workshop led by Kris Casey to explore our own plans and discern the plans of the Spirit in our lives. Here are some questions  to launch your own exploration and detect the path forward.  Ponder about how loving, creative, compassionate Divine will incarnate in you this year…

story of life

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  • What did I dream of being as a child?  What did I play, fantasize, read that captured my imagination?
  • What does my heart desire? In the past, what perfect gift did I receive?  What gift be that would give you that feeling again?  Don’t limit yourself to practical and possible. Santa and Spirit can work miracles.
  •  What was NOT accomplished from your plans, resolutions, vision from 2014? Consider why this didn’t get done.  Is it time to let it go or is it time to get it done?
  • I want more _______________ in my life.
  • I long for this to change. _______________
  • I am the only one who can _______________
  • I want to finally forgive _______________
  • What/who am I jealous of? The answer is a longing.
  • What qualities must I cultivate to make manifest my vision? What qualities and skills do I already possess that will serve this vision?
  • What habits, mindsets, and behaviors must I release or heal to manifest this vision? What must I release or heal? What’s blocking participating in this vision?
  • How will I recognize moments of clarity, truth or passion? gut check
  • What will it take to keep this vision sustainable? Should I find or recruit an accountability partner or group?

Another part of the vision board process is to write a Vision Statement or statements. After reviewing the Vision that emerged, write three to five sentences as a Vision Statement for your year.  The sentences will not say HOW this will be accomplished.  They should be fairly simple.  Here are some examples of Vision Statements:

     God is leading me to better health
     I have been called to deeper silence
     I am called to five bold soul-projects
     I will be a companion and an instrument of Spirit for my Mother
     My heart is called to Haiti
     Brother David is my teacher
     I am called to go into Nature

While you can assemble a vision board alone, a group makes the process richer and increases the synergy.  Speaking your vision aloud helps clarify your dreams and make them a reality.  Find a way to sustain the energy, strength, and excitement of the creation process. This is not a dress rehearsal. Complete the exercise by taking three deep breaths of gratitude.

create yourself

George Bernard Shaw

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