Protecting Your Brand by IndexCardCure™

It used to be that when the average American heard the word “Brand” or “Trademark” she would think of CocaCola® or Dove® soap. But now, many people have Brands of their own.

You don’t think you have a Brand? Well, you actually might. When you get right down to it, a BLOG name functions just like any other Trademark; a distinct name, chosen carefully, like IndexCardCure™, which indicates the source of a certain quality of a product. A Brand or a Trademark is any word, group of words, design or logo that indicates the source of goods or services.

Everyone who ever has the opportunity to name something (or someone!) usually puts a lot of thought into the choice. My collaborator Joan Grey and I certainly did when we endeavored to name our Blog and articulate the mission of our enterprise. And since I know a thing or two about Trademarks, we took steps to search to see if anyone else was using this Brand before we adopted it. Now we are using our Trademark and trying to establish that quality writing, solutions to everyday issues, and guidelines for making happy and successful life choices will be the products and services we deliver under our Brand IndexCardCure.

Since I am a chronic multi-tasker, soon after I started collaborating with Joan on the IndexCardCure™ solution system, with a goal of helping articulate guidelines to lead a simplified and satisfying life, I wound up on the board of a start-up company that had another goal that resonated with me. The company is Cognate™, a startup with a mission to make the process of claiming rights in Brands more accessible.

And today I brought the two together by recording my Brand IndexCardCure on the Cognate website,

Screenshot 2015-03-05 19.01.56
The Cognate™ website makes information concerning Brands and how to establish rights in brands easy to understand and simple to do. It also provides a place to record your use of your Brand.

So in keeping with our IndexCardCure™ mission of distilling complex issues our readers might face in their lives into manageable guidelines, for all of us in business trying to catch a share of the market with a clever Brand, I recommend checking out the Cognate™ website for name protection solutions.

© Jane F. Collen March 5, 2015


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