Lend your voice so all kids are given the opportunity to LOVE TO LEARN

Teachers across America are uniting to try to eliminate the excessive standardized testing that was instituted in classrooms with the implementation of the well-intentioned “No Child Left Behind Act”. Right now, Congress is looking at the status of education and assessing its effectiveness across the nation. Our representatives have to decide whether to re-enact OR re-write the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Under this act, children are given three times the number of standardized tests than they were ten years ago.

The Standardized Tests have taken over the core curriculum of the classrooms.  There is no time to read novels; the new Standardized Test centered curriculum has handcuffed creative, motivated teachers and limited their ability to teach. Teachers can only present the literature contained in the mandated textbooks.MOV02642 Art programs, gym programs and special assemblies for enrichment such as author visits have been curtailed — there is only time for mandated material.  The curriculum has devolved into teaching for the tests with more and more classroom time consumed by mandatory practice testing to ensure compliant scores.

But now the Teachers voices are being heard and Congress is ready to examine the problem. And we can help! You can speak your mind and help shape the philosophical approach to education in our classrooms for the next decade.

Go to this link:


and watch the video. At the bottom of the article is a link to email senator and rep.

​It is easy-just enter your zip code, then draft your own letter or just use the one they have.

Because it is a national bill – email this to everyone you know -friends and families in other states.100_2565_2

Lets stop the “drill and kill” and promote an equal opportunity for all kids to enjoy a well rounded education.  Teachers – lend us your voices ! Email your Senators and leave a comment here at IndexCardCure™!

© Jane F. Collen Friday the 13th of March, 2015

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