Report from a Recumbent Position by Jane F. Collen

I am recovering well! I am so much better than two weeks ago! I have had love, support and every comfort possible showered on me by all these wonderful people in my life. My pain level is significantly lower and I am proficient on crutches. I am so grateful.

by David Trumble

by David Trumble



I am done being an invalid. I have told my body that – but it is refusing to walk without crutches. I have told my head that – but I still can’t concentrate for longer than an hour without a headache recurring. This must be the part of the recovery where I learn patience!

The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” Ernest Hemingway from Farewell to Arms.

This is really good news for me. First of all, because I do not have to say “farewell” to my arms(!) they were not injured in the fall and now they are better than ever. I really needed the upper body workout involved in carting around all my weight on crutches. And secondly because the injury has given me time to be surrounded by loved ones and be thankful for them but also time and space to be apart. I have identified places I had not realized were broken and I have been able to meditate, appreciate, and contemplate a path for my future healing.

And the best news of all – I WILL BE WELL by next Thursday, when crutches or not, I am going to Austin Texas to accept my awards!

© Jane F Collen April 3, 2015 – Jocelyn’s birthday !

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