Stories of Synchronicity

Lisa K. the intuition expert is right! Our intuition really is our 6th sense. It helps us perceive connections and supportive messages from the universe around us.

There are so many moments in our lives — sometimes even daily moments– when we feel alone and without guidance.But most times it seems asking for help, guidance or even to feel better connected with our fellow man gets a positive response from the universe.

DSC02670I woke up one day feeling out-of-sorts; nothing was right. I wanted to keep editing the current book I am writing, but I just could not bring myself to do it or even remember why I was writing it! Instead I made myself a cup of tea and stared out our big picture window at the leaves just starting to change.  The caffeine picked me up a bit and I picked up DAILY GUIDEPOSTS by, an inspirational book my co-blogger Joan gave me. Randomly I opened to a page and began reading. The words immediately made me think of one of my daughters. I sent her a link to the message and she texted me back almost immediately “How did you know that is what I was worrying about right now?” I knew my disquiet that morning had something to do with being concerned about her. Like the Jedi in the first STAR WARS movie, my mothering skills seem to include being able to detect “a disturbance in the force.”

I randomly flipped to another page. I read a meditation about how hard it was to listen to people’s stories sometimes. The author’s conclusion was “Stories . . . engage the Spirit and fertilize our faith.” The words struck a cord. That’s it! I thought. That’s why I want to write. I want to tell stories that convey messages that are important to me. I want to tell other people’s stories, enabling them to be heard. I got back to editing my book about Ellis Island. It is a time travel fairy tale spun around immigrants’ real stories.

My intuition was firing on all cylinders through the next day. I emailed an old friend who excitedly wrote back she just had been thinking of me when she turned on her computer to check her email. I took a walk down the street pushing my granddaughter in a stroller and thought, wouldn’t it be nice to see my brother? A moment later he drove up. (He does live on my street, but I hardly ever run into him.) A magazine article on my desk made me think of my son. I texted him. He had been looking for information on just that subject. I sent it along and thanked God for the opportunity to connect with him.

The coincidences and synchronicity I found in the universe makes me think I am doing something right!

© Jane F. Collen

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