Finding a Topic For My Blog



This is one tough editor.

I found myself looking in vain for a topic for today’s post. None of the ideas I had notes on or the drafts of partial posts resonated. I looked around for inspiration and saw Eliza rejecting my proposed topics too.

At first I was upset. When I meet with Joan, even if it is just via our weekly Skype call, I can always think of a million things I want to write about. I get inspiration from her spirit of investigation – she loves to examine interesting topics and looks forward to writing about them. My approach is different; much more random and emotionally driven.

That is the beauty of collaboration: the synergy of different personalities spurring each other to new heights.

Upon reflection I realize this lack of inspiration happens to the best artists. Norman Rockwell’s cover of the POST when he ran out of ideas is a classic example. He drew himself from behind, seated at an empty easel, staring at his calendar with the deadline.

I was laughing when I remembered SCTV’s skit the Mckenzie brothers Great White North Show. SCTV was “Second City TV” a comedy show filmed in Canada in the late 70s where some of today’s famous comedians first caught the public’s attention: John Candy, Rick Moranis, Eugene Levy. The Mckenzie brothers were credited with giving Canadians an identity and some catch phrases “Take off, eh.” and “You hosers”. Sometimes the Mckenzie Brother’s whole skit was about how they could not find a topic, and each felt it was the other brother’s turn to find one. There was one show (Space Arm/SnowRoutes) where they had 2 topics and the brothers fought about who had the superior topic. This hardly ever happens to me and Joan.

who said 'good help is hard to find'?

who says ‘good help is hard to find’?

I do have a whole box full of ideas. But I don’t want to clutter your inbox or FaceBook page with a post that is not written from the heart.The responsibility to not pontificate on just any subject, but rather wait for a worthy one is a burden I take seriously.  Therefore, I will wait for inspiration to strike.

In the meantime I know that while I don’t claim to be one of the best artists, at least I am in good company as I wait for a topic to reach out and grab me.

© Jane F. Collen May 10, 2016 IndexCardCure inspiring small steps

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