Working on Being Well Rested and Well Read

After reading Joan’s Be Well blog on Friday, I realized, part of being well is being good to myself. I caught myself putting off doing things I like to do because I still had work to be done — not anything with a deadline, just the never-ending list of chores and projects beckoning to me when I was tempted to do something I really enjoyed. I have to start giving myself permission to do the things I love. For example, every time I pick up a book to read I still hear my mother’s voice saying, “Janey, put that book down and make your bed.” Or do your homework. Or finish the dishes. So even now as an adult, I guiltily look around to make sure there wasn’t something else I am supposed to be doing before I start to read.

I have to get ahold of myself! I mean, authors are not only allowed to read, they are required to. Even at work, when there is a new decision on a case that does not directly pertain to what is on my desk, I flag it to read later, during my “leisure time” and attend to more pressing matters first. But for me, reading about new developments is the best part of the job.

And what about sleep? Joan listed all the health benefits, most of which I already knew, but somehow I still manage to be sleep deprived, going to bed later than I want so I can finish one more thing. I want to make this world a better place: I am going to get enough sleep so maybe there will be one less crabby, short-tempered-due-to-exhaustion, person walking around.

If you are looking for me, today, I’m going to be busy. I’ll have to get back to you after I finish reading this chapter and take a 10 minute nap.img_2913

© Jane F. Collen September 14, 2016

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