Living Life Well –

unnamedI think that is the end goal — to say my life was well lived. Along the way I see I have found may role models. Uncle Kenny and Aunt Val are providing me continuing role models of how to live life well. So is Aunt Jo. img_3151

Today I was lucky enough to see them all. Surrounded and supported by the loving families they have created, they are holding their own during the continuing challenges they face.

It’s not all a bed of roses out here in the land of ten thousand lakes, of course. I have been on the fringes these last few days, watching the hard choices, the high emotions, the people who have felt their contributions have not been appreciated. But like my siblings and me, I think eventually we all get to higher ground – forgiving each other for our differences and our different perspectives and joining together with a renewed committment to keep doing the best we can.

Somehow, when you are in your twenties you never really believe that you will get old, achy, and less independent. Now that I have had some mobility issues over the years I know I am not immune from getting old! So I cherish this time with my family, laughing, watching Uncle Kenny toss grapes into Bennett’s mouth, reliving old favorite moments while creating new ones together, feeling grateful for the continued joy of surrounding my loved ones with love.img_3161


© Jane F. Collen October 4, 2016 IndexCardCure™ cherishing one moment at a time

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