Want to Be Part of my Launch Team?

11011010_10153061945043570_6614985468840037975_nereadingellisI am looking for people who like to read! Come on admit it! I want to hear from you!


If you would like to review my new book The Curse of the Magic Mirror, go to ww.enjella.com and sign up to receive a free copy.

I can send you a paperback book via snail mail. When you get it, find a comfy chair reading to Elizaand enjoy it! and then email me your review. I will post it on the Enjella Adventure Series website.

OR – if that is too much hassle, or you just can’t wait, go to Kindle or Amazon.com and download a free electronic copy. You can then post a review directly on Amazon.com.

The new Fairy-tale: The Fairy-Four go back in Sparkleshire where Abigail finds a Magic Mirror. But Ghastly Gevinda has cursed the Mirror to show only ugliness. Will the magic of friendship and love be stronger than Gevinda’s bullying and evil?The_Curse_of_the_Mag_Cover_for_Kindle


Showcasing strong female characters and role models, The Curse of the Magic Mirror  inspires a love of reading with captivating illustrations and magical stories. Characters face real life problems in a fantasy setting. Young readers see the characters find solutions to tough decisions that mirror bullying and self confidence issues they face in real life.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

© Jane F. Collen April 30, 2018


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