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The_Curse_of_the_Mag_Cover_for_KindleWe have given away all the hard copies of the “proof” version of The Curse of the Magic Mirror! THANK YOU to all fans, from far and wide, who volunteered and are receiving their copies as I write! I can’t wait to read your reviews.

BUT if you missed the hard copy, click KINDLE NOW and you can download a free ebook version. The book will be available for FREE for 5 days.

Since I know there are more Enjella fans in Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan and Australia (just to ‘name drop’ a few countries! where my books have readers who have the whole series! ) the new book is available for five days only on Kindle for free! You can post your review directly on Amazon. (And while you are on the Amazon site, if you feel motivated to review the other books you have read . . . that would be great!)

I wrote The Curse of the Magic MirrorPICTURE because I continue to be distressed at the poor body image and lack of self confidence in middle school children that I encounter. The cursed magic mirror is a symbol for the bullying texts children in middle school receive. Parents beware: bullying has been super-sized and made even more pervasive by group texts that bombard children at all hours and anywhere they are,  unbeknownst to parents. Cyber bullying is responsible for some child suicides in the past several years. We have to support our children both directly and through literature. They are facing this threat daily, whether we know it or not, and we need to arm them with the skills and the strength to cope.

My heart breaks for all children, past or present, who feel that they somehow are not good enough. The message is: you are not alone. We all go through this in one form or another.

And I for one, am here to help. One way is promoting good books with positive messages.dscn0492

Join me in this fight to help kids realize their precious value and full potential.

(c) Jane F. Collen May 7, 2018
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