The View Has Changed!

desk almost done

Not just the leaves turning golden yellow in the background either! This is the desk of someone who only has one chapter to go to finish writing the first book in a new series.

(Don’t get too excited, I still have to keep editing, (hence the big coffee pot) but I only have one chapter of “blanks” to fill in.)

It is fun! Finding my notes referencing my historical research marked in each section, I then figure out how to add little peeks into history to the narrative I have already written. Should the narrator give some background information? Should a character discover it?  Tell about it? Explain it? How? Shout it? Sing it or recite it? I am having fun.

I am taking the long view: I am writing and re-writing until it is well written. I am not getting impatient, but rather continuing to choose my words carefully. Then re-reading them, refining them, making them more precise, more evocative;

shortviewuntil I am so close to the words I can’t see the trees. Sharpening the words to a fine point; so the reader is compelled to keep reading. Until you can’t turn out the light without reading just one more chapter.

Even if it is like the old days, under your blankets, by flashlight.

© Jane F. Collen November 2, 2018  the best is yet to come.


2 thoughts on “The View Has Changed!

    • Hi! No it is not a kid’s book
      It is an historical fiction – Flirtation Walk is the name of the first book and the series is The Journey of Cornelia Rose


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