Sometimes Time Stands Still

But not when you want it to. Only when you are stuck at the DMV.

Yup! I had to renew my driver’s license. But I could not just do it online. I had to come in for the new “Real ID”. There was a new feature — I was able to make an appointment, so I could predict the amount of time I would have to be there.


It was pretty farcical actually, like being the fall guy in a sitcom. The DMV reservation system works the way insurance companies’ and state utitlities’ automated services used to: the voice would tell you to enter your account number and phone number and then after you waited for 20 minutes an agent would come on and ask for the same information all over again. Entering your information, making an appointment at the DMV, is a useless activity, just a fun way they keep you busy while they make you wait.

But I am already too busy. That is the problem. I am still pulled in a million different directions by my responsibilities and committments.

I am failing!

By the measure quoted at the left at least. I am striving to organize my time into what I am committed to do and what I want to do and trying to make those categories fairly share the time I have.

There are so many things that steal our time from us, in spite of our best efforts. So many things we are required to do — work, eat, clean the house. My co-blogger’s post last week spurred me into some deep thinking: while I am proud of all I accomplish with my time, I do see it being frittered away on things I don’t really want to be doing, just to honor commitments and please people. So I gave myself an exercise to do:

  • *put things on the ‘To Do List’ in categories: either :Must Do or Optional
  • If MUST DO – get it done as quickly as efficiently as possible
  • if Optional – rate it in importance and MY desire to spend the time on it
  • Devote the most time to the jobs I believe make me a better person and make a useful contribution to the greater good

I keep trying to have a good perspective on the tasks we MUST accomplish in life. I figure, if we have to do them, then there must be some lesson, growth or good we derive from the task, in addition to the satisfaction of a chore well done.

As for what I chose to spend my time on, it is helpful to me to stay focused on the fact that time is a limited resource and it must always be used wisely.

© Jane F. Collen  January 25, 2019 IndexCardCure small steps

One thought on “Sometimes Time Stands Still

  1. Joan, are you the person who receives the replies? Please let Jane know I read her DMV experience and identified bigtime. Virgie

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