Cornelia Rose Appears!

flirtationwalk COVERCornelia Rose Entwhistle is making her debut to the public! Pictured here for the first time, Nellie is captured by cover design artist Kabir Shah, one of the Evolved Publishing Inc, team.

Can anyone identify this landscape? (Come on West Point Alums and New Yorkers, you know this view!)

With my nose still stuck to the grindstone (talk about an 1850s expression!), slowly, slowly this book is becoming a reality. I figured out the hard way that writing the book was only the first arduous 10 steps. Next comes the 100 excruciating steps of editing. Now there are the agonizing 1,000 steps of cover design, positioning, finding platforms and strategizing, and then marketing.


*Find a Publisher — I am fortunate enough to now be part of the Evolved Publishing team!

*Write a Description of the Books in the series for posting on platforms such as Amazon and Goodreads —The blurbs need to be persuasive! Like choosing a good title, having a ‘hook’ sentence to grab the readers attention and then a brief description to entice the reader further is critical to the success of the project. I am so glad I have a good publisher behind me to help in this task, which is an art form all its own.

*Author Interview — How exciting! I had the opportunity to answer questions about my book and the writing process.

*Identify critics for reviews and awards — Once again, with the guidance of Evolved Publishing, I have successfully navigated this task and now all that remains is to submit my first book.

*Identify locations for author appearances and book sales. The first few were easy to pick — the historical societies, libraries and bookstores located in the areas that are the setting for my books. But now I have to think more broadly and then start contacting all of these organizations.

*Engage Book Clubs — I have written some “discussion starters” to help book clubs chat about the book in the midst of enjoying their refreshments! I would love to appear at as many clubs as possible — I would love to hear what readers think about Cornelia Rose’s story.

Pre-launch copies of Flirtation Walk will be available in May!  So, I will be in the next phase of submitting the book for review and for consideration for appearances and publicity.  I also have to finish my website so readers can pre-order any time they want.

The official launch of the ebook on Amazon and the paperback in major retailers will be in September.

Let me know if you want to read a copy and write a review before then!

© Jane F. Collen April 26, 2018 one small step at a time


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