Future Scholars!

Seeing a group of children reading a book I wrote just warms my whole heart, all the way to my toes!

Cultivating a love for books and education at an early age is the surest way to make sure a student wants to continue to study, and seek a higher education, after mandatory schooling ends.

At the Nitzan Nursery School in Connecticut,  they nurture budding readers. Great books by great authors (and me!) festoon the shelves, enticing kids to investigate and explore the written word. The teachers make sure that reading aloud is incorporated into the preschool curriculum. Projects and bulletin boards highlight and repeat book themes. These young students are already learning to value education.

I am lucky enough to be a guest author at this preschool next week.

In this perfect milieu, I will don my fairy wings and fan the children’s passion for reading already kindled by the school. I can’t wait to lend these kids a pair of wings and have them soar into the magical world of reading right along with me.

My co-blogger Joan wrote in her blog exploring the purpose and goals of public education entitled, The Evolution of Education, “the main purpose of public education is to facilitate literacy, instill curiosity, and encourage critical thinking in children.”

These children have already achieved these goals, and at the tender age of four! Hopefully, the trait of curiosity, the thirst for knowledge and the skills of literacy and critical thinking will continue to be encouraged, and cultivated throughout the rest of the years of these children’s education.

With the volumes and volumes of great literature that are available for free at any public library, or downloadable on an electronic reader, they are now primed to spend a lifetime reading amazing books, on any subjects their hearts desire.

© Jane F. Collen May 10, 2018                                                                                                               IndexCardCure.com encouraging literacy, one book at a time!




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