Vacation Poses a Whole New Picture

I have been immersed in researching The Oregon Trail and life on the prairie in the U.S. in the mid 1800s for my next book, Pioneer Passage, coming out in December.  I have been working hard,  creating stories based on diaries of women traveling westward, patiently honing my tale, embroidering it with details, lost in the arduous lives I have been studying.

Then I went on vacation. I raised my head from the grindstone and took a fresh look at my surroundings and the concepts I had been exploring.

Not only am I cherishing every moment with my precious family, but I am relaxing! The whole experience is helping me look at my life, and the lives I am researching, with fresh eyes. I see new possibilities, and when I look with my granddaughters’ eyes everything I see is fun. Magic weaves in and out of my day, pooling in the love that surrounds my family.

The magic uncovers my eyes to see inspiration everywhere. Even in unlikely places, an ocean away from home.

© Jane F. Collen August 16, 2019™

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