The Video Chat is Happening!

Book clubs around the Northeast have responded to my invitation to read my book and discuss it with me through my “Chat with the Author” program.

So far, two Q&A sessions stand out — one in Boston and one in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

The Book Club in Boston was my first ‘in person’ Book Club Author Appearance.

What a thrill it was to spend the evening discussing my characters and their history! I was treated to a delicious dinner, starting with scrumptious appetizers, great roasted chicken, wine and delectable cookies for dessert. I feasted, both on the good food and the stimulating conversation. I was amazed by these women, their knowledge and their accomplishments. Their comments about my novel gave me food for thought, and ideas for more books. I especially loved hearing which characters they identified with and which ones angered them. I think the thing an author wants most is to have readers that enjoy their visit to the world they have created.

Video-linking into the Book Club in Holyoke was an amazing experience. Not only because the readers in that club were engaged with my characters and provided a lot of great feedback, but also because of the added degree of technological difficulty. Due to a change in my schedule, I was on a plane, flying to Florida at the time I was supposed to call in. Thanks to JetBlue offering free WiFi, I was able to FaceTime from the plane! I made sure to keep my voice low, so I did not upset any other passengers — ,)

The women in Holyoke had great insights for me. It was fun to hear their thoughts about my characters, the scenery, and the history in the novel. But I most enjoyed their comments on some of the literary devices I used. I loved that they noticed them! The interaction included many specific questions for me –like, were any of the characters based on people I know?? But I won’t write my answers here — you can ask me yourself!

There is still time for your book club to sign up for a video chat with me. We are just a little short of the 50 clubs I promised  — so log onto my website and let me know when you are reading Flirtation on the Hudson. I would love to hear from you.

I will also be giving away some books through a contest on Facebook in association with the Rode Island Authors Showcase. Starting on Monday, November 18, four Rhode Island Authors will be featured on its main Facebook event page every day. By interacting in the event you will qualify to win both a book from me, and a grand prize of a $250.00 Amazon gift card.

(C) Jane F. Collen  November 8, 2019 caught up in literature


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