You’ve Come A Long Way BABY – To Get Where You’ve Got To Today …

History lesson for the day: This was the Catholic Church’s goal for women  – be good wives. The sum and summation of our choices. And who we married wasn’t necessarily our own choice – at least not until the twentieth century. I give my fictions character, Cornelia Rose, quite a few choices in suitors, but there is quite a lot of historical evidence to support the idea that she would not be the one to make that decision.

I found this gem in my mother’s college history book. But the brainwashing started way before college! Girls were raised to be good wives and good mothers. Most women then didn’t even get the option to think about college.

We’ve come a long way.

On this fourth Sunday of Advent, when Christmas is just a few days away, hope is present with us. My daughter Jocelyn was invited  to preach in Saint Mary’s Chapel in Boston College on the second Sunday of Advent.This gives me hope for the future. Her prayerful reflection, tying her work in prison ministry with the message of hope in the Gospel, inspired my belief that one day all vocations will be a possibility for women. I pray all people will have their talents recognized and welcomed in any field they choose.

Merry Christmas.

(C) Jane F. Collen Dec. 22, 2019  IndexCardCure(tm) Keep the Faith


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