Sneak Preview….

My second book in the Journey of Cornelia Rose Series is in the final stages prior to publishing. Here is a preview of the cover. The biggest questions: are the colors too bold? Is it too pink and purple?

I am drawn to bright colors. Anything sporting a scarlet dash on a royal blue background instantly grabs my attention.

But I need your feedback. What do you think?

Judge this book by its cover and tell me if you would read it.

In these days of bad news, disease, and isolation of unknown duration, I felt the need to introduce something bright and colorful to the world. Designing the cover with my illustrator, Kabir Shah has been a sunny spot in an otherwise rainy month of editing. Although I remind myself: What better to do than a tedious, detail-oriented task when stuck in quarantine and only able to work remotely? I still need the beam from those rays of saturated colors to cheer me on.

Admittedly, the cover might not be gender neutral enough to attract all  readers of historical fiction. But realistically, far more women read historical romances than men. (Unfortunately for them!) I want to be true to my genre and give a hint of the story contained within, yet maintain a broad appeal. Impossible?

This book appeals to aficionados of both history and action/disaster. But, spoiler alert, there is a little romance. What would life be like without a little romance? Based on historical events in New York City in the 1850s and actual diaries of women on the Overland Trail, Cornelia Rose faces ship disasters and other deprivations along her journey, making for an exciting read.

I’m looking forward to your comments and emails.

In the meantime, I am almost finished with the editing, and hope to see an Advance Review Copy of the book soon. Let me know if you want to read it!

© Jane F. Collen April 24, 2020™ staying positive & productive




2 thoughts on “Sneak Preview….

  1. I love the colors! I’ve seen students put down an old drab book, but pick up a new edition of the same book where the cover is colorful. Anyways I’m impartial to sunrises/sunsets…they speak hope and adventure to come.
    I’ll buy the kindle edition for sure. I like the dictionary on the kindle so I don’t miss the color of your vocabulary expression! By the way, I love the way you make the accents so phonetic! I find myself getting into the characters with it. I do realize that someone who doesn’t break down words phonetically and uses word memorization to read gets agitated with working hard at the phonics. I love what it adds to the conversations! Can’t wait to read this new one!


    • Thank you Peggy! I actually had to take the accents out of this next book, people just struggled with it, and said it made the book less enjoyable — But I am definitely making sure they are audible on the audio version! I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think! Stay healthy, jane


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