It May Be the Last Winter Storm … so snuggle up and read!

Oh the weather outside is frightful/but the fire is so delightful/and since there’s no place to go… pick up a good book!

We have no choice – reading brings us a world only our own imagination enhances.  Open a book and escape into another world.

Whether you have another flurry of flakes or a deluge of rain that turns into ice, falling from the sky, the groundhog was right — it is still winter. I won’t fight it any more. My hands are chapped, my nose is cold, I am ready for a journey to anywhere–indoors. So I embark on some traveling via armchair.

I love to read so much–it is definitely a guilty pleasure. (Every time I sit down I still hear my mother’s voice chiding me to finish my chores.) I love to read everything; from newspapers to National Geographic stories to self help books, to spiritual coaching to history…. You name the genre, I can come up with a title or an author I have recently read. But my favorite? None of those thrilling psychological suspense books for me. And I am tired of murder mysteries. (The problem with murder mysteries is that someone always gets killed!) My favorite genre, of course, is historical romance. I love reading fiction in general, and discovering tales from around the world and from many different cultures, but when you throw in a little romance, I am hooked.

If holding books seems like too much effort in this never-ending winter – almost every ebook you can find on Amazon or Barnes and Noble is available through the Library apps OverDrive and Libby. The same goes for audible books. I now look forward to doing laundry and scrubbing the never-ending dishes–I can listen to a good book, enhanced by a good narrator. And best of all, my first historical fiction now stands proudly in this category, available on all those platforms, including Audible.

The release of Flirtation on the Hudson as an Audible book last month gave a new spark to my ever-flourishing love for writing. I live permanently now in author heaven. Stephanie Cozart’s  expertise as an actor really compliments and enhances my story. Stephanie not only brings the characters to life, but her acting and voice draws the listener into the scene, evoking the feeling of experiencing the events themselves. I know a few libraries across the country already offer Flirtation on the Hudson through their platforms. (Of course, you can own your very own copy by clicking this link to my publisher: Evolved Publishing Inc.)

So – when the weather has you down you have something at your fingertips to pick you up. What are you waiting for? Escape from cabin fever, the winter blues, and all other pandemic troubles is just a library book away. Happy traveling!

© Jane F. Collen February 25, 2021™  snuggle up and read!

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