Are We There Yet?

“She keeps touching me!”

How many times did we, as kids, trapped in the back seat of cars, ask this question?

And how many times have we heard it from our kids?

America is saying “Vacation Time – yay!” again, as those brave enough to get vaccinated make the country safe for vacation travel. After a year of going nowhere, literally, Americans are getting back on the road en mass.

“This is so boring!”

The traffic – everywhere- confirms that!

But the freedom to explore, even including dealing with the logistics of getting around, feels liberating! And I can’t wait to travel and see different scenery.

Yet, while I’ve been grounded at home, I enjoyed the wonderful scenery around me. And I have not been stagnant, nor idle.

I heard a lot of complaints from people saying they were bored during Covid closures. I admit–I am the type of person who never gets bored. I always find something to do, or something to daydream about. Sure, sometimes it is an impatient daydream or an angry timing of how long I have been standing in a line that doesn’t move, but I know if I run out of things to think about, I can always people watch during an interminable wait with nothing to do.

“I’m just happy to come along.”

In any case, I used all that forced time at home to catch up on everything I had been putting off during ‘normal’ times.

“This seat is uncomfortable! Are we there yet?”
“I’m really uncomfortable. Are we There Yet?

If you get bored waiting in line, you can download my first book from BookBub for just 99c. It is also being promoted on Hello Books. If you are stuck in traffic — try the AudibleBook of Flirtation on the Hudson. Nothing takes me out of my misery faster than listening to a good book!

Happy Trails!

© Jane F. Collen  July 15, 2021™ Happy Trails!

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