Coming SOON! The Audio Version of Book 2: Walk Away West

In September you can listen to a good book while you drive, exercise or clean up!

I spent the day yesterday with two consummate professionals: actor Stephanie Cozart and sound engineer extraordinaire Bruce Figler of CreativeSoundWorks.

We worked a grueling 8 hours with only one half hour break, trying to re- record Stephanie’s narration of passages that had technical glitches or needed rewording. I was awed by how hard and how expertly Stephanie and Bruce worked. Stephanie performed each line as many times as it took to get the sound perfect. She switched seamlessly from character to character, nailing down different, intriguing voices and authentic accents and brogues. What skill!

Bruce was relentless — not happy until every word, every sound was perfect.

I am eternally grateful!

Crew of Rubumptious Scalawags

When anyone got perturbed or frustrated, instead of cursing, the jokes began. I laughed so much throughout the day no one at my house thought I was working. It is hard to feel such a camaraderie over ZOOM, but somehow we managed.

At one point Stephanie bemoaned the lack of imagination in name calling in the 21st Century, so we began a movement to start calling people “hornswoggling ne’er do wells” and “mealy-mouthed lickspittles” rather than “You #@%&-ity *#@@!”

I hope it catches on. It sounds far more pleasant. And it is so fun to say, I started laughing and my anger immediately dissapated.

I hope everyone listens to the new AudioBook for Walk Away West, Book Two of the Journey of Cornelia Rose Series when it comes out next month. I hope it is as fun to listen to all of the characters and their antics as it was to record and produce.

© Jane F. Collen  August 13, 2021™ laughing away frustration

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