Flaming reds

Flaming Reds

Vying for brilliance

Each leaf competing

Struggling to be heard

In all the sadness

Embracing the change



Warm new memories

Fresh pictures of beauty

Brilliant hues

Increasingly scant


Each life season

Carrying its own blessings


Blazing color

(C) Jane F. Collen October 2008* IndexCardCure.com™ Every leaf counts.

*This poem was written over a decade ago during a period when I wanted to write but I wasn’t sure I wanted to let anyone hear what I wanted to say. So of course I turned to poetry – the venue so replete with the oblique it becomes commonplace. I encrypted my feelings of melancholy and pain in riddles, daring the reader to crack the code. Today I went to edit this – as I always do when I come across something I wrote more than 10,000 hours of writing ago – and found I couldn’t. I’ll be darned if I know what exactly I was trying to say.

Anyone with clues — let me know. jfc


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