PIONEER PASSAGE book released

My Index Card Cure co-blogger Jane’s new book was just released. Check out PIONEER PASSAGE by JF Collen

Cornelia Rose thought leaving the comforts of home and her family would be the greatest ordeal she would ever face… and then she encounters buffalo, quicksand, mountain fever, and old beaus.

Life on the Oregon Trail is full of more deprivations and difficulties than Cornelia ever imagined, in spite of her research and preparations for the rough road ahead. Her feisty spirit and medical knowledge help her face challenges from unexpected sources. She summons all her ingenuity to combat the hardships, leading them to her greatest unknown.

What will be waiting for them in the Great Salt Lake City, and who is that silent brooding man on their wagon train who seems so familiar?

For your reading pleasure, get your copy now: Barnes and Noble or Amazon

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS a journey back in time to the 1800s, with the third book in the award-winning “Journey of Cornelia Rose” series. One woman, having left New York Society far behind, summons the Old West pioneering spirit and seeks fulfillment in her life.


  • “Flirtation on the Hudson” (Journey of Cornelia Rose – 1)
  • “Walk Away West” (Journey of Cornelia Rose – 2)
  • “Pioneer Passage” (Journey of Cornelia Rose – 3)
  • “The Path of Saints and Sinners” (Journey of Cornelia Rose – 4)
  • “Bit o’ Heaven Ranch” (Journey of Cornelia Rose – 5)


  • The “Shining Light’s Saga” Series by Ruby Standing Deer
  • “Fresh News Straight from Heaven” by Gregg Sapp
  • “Soul of the Elephant” by Pam Laughlin
  • “Invisible by Day” by Teri Fink
  • “The Colonel and the Bee” by Patrick Canning

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