MAGICAL NIGHT book launch

What a magical wintery night to launch my new book, the third in the Journey of Cornelia Rose Series.

We had the comfort of space heaters and great, newly improved fabrics to keep us warm, unlike the characters in my book who faced the rough winter cold in wet wool coats and soggy mittens. As I ran from my heated car to the heated igloo, my heart went out to all of the pioneers, especially the women whose diaries I read when researching for this story, who left all the comforts of civilization home when they relocated. The sacrifices these women made to start a new life with better prospects wrenches my heart with sympathy. In this book I endeavor to give a new platform to their voices.

OREGON TRAIL National Park Service Map

I hope you enjoy the stories of these intrepid women interwoven in Cornelia Rose’s journey from Fort Laramie (in what is now Wyoming) to the Great Salt Lake City (as it was originally, officially titled) in Deseret Territory, (now Utah). Dodging cholera and mountain fever, fording raging rivers and surviving torrential thunderstorms on the open plains, these women provoked my gripping story of facing the unknowable and triumphing over adversity.

Hamming it up for my fan

In this day and age we face our own scourges and deprivations. Hopefully we can cope with the same dignity and resourcefulness exhibited by these brave women.

I took advantage of Rizzutos Restaurant & Bar‘s innovative ‘igloo seating’ to host a safe, non-Covid-spreading book launch among family and selected fans. Although for a far more limited audience than I would have liked, the launch was so much fun and a resounding success.

Don’t be shy — you don’t have to find an igloo, or even venture out into the cold to get a copy of my new book. It is available in all the usual places, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and of course at my great publisher’s house Evolved Publishing, Inc.

(C) Jane F. Collen January 29, 2022.™ celebrating life

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