Where Does Your Detergent Bottle Go?

When you finish your load of laundry or empty the last drop from your dishwasher soap, what happens to the bottle?

Check your nearest scenic waterfall.

What if all of us just make one change? What if we all switch to a detergent that comes in cardboard instead of plastic?

We know now that plastic recycling is simply not working. It’s too complicated. There are too many different types of plastic. Yes, we want to change that. And we will. Some companies and municipalities are recycling some plastic successfully. But until we can get recycling to work 100% effectively, let’s give the world less plastic to worry about in the first place.

Cardboard can be recycled effectively.

Buy your detergent in cardboard boxes only. And if your favorite brand only comes in plastic – let your dollars vote and tell the company to offer a cardboard packaging alternative.

Let’s save the world one waterfall at a time.

  © Jane F. Collen  August 13, 2022

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