Fight Road Rage! Listen to a Good Book!

I hate getting stuck in traffic. I am not a patient person, even though year after year I add: Learn Patience! to my New Year’s Resolutions.

Funny, my family hates it when I get stuck in traffic too. Apparently I take every little delay personally. And I have this New York City cab driver driving technique of weaving in and out of stopped cars that somehow seems to scare them!

But I have found a way around my rise in blood pressure: Listening to a good book. Engrossed in a story of someone else’s life and its challenges gives me a more even keel to stay balanced in my own escapades.

Audibles on SALE: Good News! You can try this approach too! My first historical fiction is deeply discounted this month, on 5 major retailers Barnes & Noble, Chirp, Spotify, Google Play and Apple. Normally retailing for $15.95 you can scoop up a journey to the 1850s for only $7.99. Traffic jams will no longer bother you. You’ll cruise the river in a steamboat or ride a hansom cab with Cornelia Rose in Flirtation on the Hudson.

With a story unraveling in my ears, I stay in my lane and patiently wait for the traffic to clear.

Well, not quite! But I do leave 15 minutes early for my morning commute with a cup of coffee and a good audiobook and I am pleasantly surprised any time I arrive early. I am often tempted to finish listening to the chapter in spite of having arrived at my destination. After all, horse and carriage rides take time.

Happy trails and happy listening!

© Jane F. Collen  January 5, 2023™ January Discounts!

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