Actions for the earth: Index Card Cure™

actions for the earth

Have you noticed that weather has gotten more volatile?

Do greenhouse gases contribute to climate change?

Are human activities are the major source of climate change-producing pollution?

Have How do you answer those questions? Is climate change real? As part of a Just Faith group that is looking at climate change and its ramifications around the world, I think we are messing with something that is bigger than us. If we unleash the climate tiger, we might not get it back into a cage. Small changes over time make a difference.

What action can you take today? What changes do you suggest? Here’s a 90 day challenge to help you put $2000 back into your wallet and reduce 9500 pounds of CO2 from your environmental footprint.You don’t have to live in DC to participate:

Over 90 days, you will have a daily ‘To Do’ emailed. Focus on actions with the biggest savings and lowest costs. Your earth and your wallet will thank you.

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