Jack & the broomstick

Jack is a man who has staked out a spot under the 395 overpass on Joyce Street near Army Navy Drive in Arlington. He seems to live out of a shopping cart. While he keeps to himself, I’ve stopped and spoken to him a few times, which is how I learned his name. When asked if he needed food, he said no, he had plenty to eat. But to my amazement, he said he would like books. And it’s true, when I see him, he’s usually engrossed in reading. Except this morning… As I rode back from working out, Jack was sweeping the sidewalk in front of his shopping cart.  Clearly, he considers this section of concrete, on a public and busy road, his home. How inspiring to see him caring for his spot and what an example of good citizenship. We often expect others to clean up messes, especially in public places. But the next time I see litter; I will remember Jack and his broom and pick the trash up.

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