Accident = Opportunity

IMG_1982My husband and I thought we would sneak in one more glorious day on the ski slopes to celebrate the wonderful winter of incredible downhill skiing, cross country skiing and ice skating that we have had. It was such a beautiful day! The conditions were icy but good, and I was happy to be on the mountain. I was skiing faster than I normally do, but in control, when disaster struck. It all happened in a split second so I will never be sure exactly what transpired, but i think my pole got stuck in ice at about the same time my right ski hit ice and I think I somehow then skied over the stuck pole, righted myself once but then crashed down on my hip and my head.

I remember thinking, wow, I have a helmet on, that hurt more than i thought it would!
I was still bouncing down the slope; it was so steep I could not stop. Finally I pointed my skis (the bindings never released) uphill, my legs tangled and I ground to a halt, in the middle of a steep part of the trail. A few people whizzed by me on either side, as I tried in vain to move my legs. Then I heard someone slow down and ask “Are you okay, or do you want some help?” and I said, “Oh, could you help me please?”

Well, while my poor husband walked back up hill from around the bend where he had stopped to wait for me, the ski patrol came and tried to strap me to a board and take me down. It was so steep they had to have a few people there to anchor the board so I did not torpedo down to the first aid center on my own.

After all the wonderful healthcare people finished helping me, I left the ER with 3 in-place fractures and a mild concussion.

I am so lucky! I am so blessed. First, obviously, because I was wearing a helmet and didn’t kill myself.FullSizeRender But more importantly because this has been a golden opportunity for me to sit still and count my blessings! I have the joy of watching my husband, family and friends gather around me to help me and heal me with love and support and positive energy. Even those far away have sent love tangibly along with flowers and fresh fruit. What a gift to be able to experience this love and comfort. What an opportunity to lie in bed and decide what is important to accomplish and what is a needless expense of energy. How lucky I am to have this opportunity to rest and heal and add the layers of the world back on as I am better equipped to handle them.

And how fun it is to guide and watch as my husband cooks!                                   © Jane F. Collen March 27, 2015


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