Did that headline grab your attention? It’s supposed to. In my quest to be a better writer I have discovered that there are fill-in-the-blank “templates” for for headlines that work for almost any topic covered in a blog. So if I want more people to read my blog, all I have to do is attach one of the 6 attention-grabbing headlines that brilliant blogger Jon Morrow discusses in Headline Hacks @

*THREAT HEADLINE – scare your readers! that will get their attention.

*ZEN HEADLINE – make every issue simpler and a better life easier to obtain (our IndexCardCure goal!)

*PIGGYBACK HEADLINE – write a headline that ties into a Famous Brands or a trending story (right up my alley as an IP lawyer)

*MISTAKE HEADLINE – touches the neurosis in all of us

*HOW-TO HEADLINE – closely akin to Zen Headlines, the steps needed to perfect a skill

*LIST HEADLINE – organizing content in an easy-to-remember way

The headline template is yet another example of a shortcut for dealing with a complex problem. We all lead such busy lives we all need a concept simplified into a small number of easy steps so that we can actually master the ideas and techniques that are presented, rather than reading about solutions but leaving the overwhelming task of trying to incorporate them into our lives for another time.

As Joan posted in her blog A Year From Now You Will Wish You Started Today the first step in mastering an issue is a baby step.

These past few weeks the thought of writing this blog has intimidated me. Who is really reading this? I wondered. How can I be so opinionated? I worried. I am bound to alienate people. What do I know?  Well I do know enough about a few things to write about them. Even if Joan and I are the only ones reading this, I have something to say! Further, my goal is to improve my writing talent with every piece I write. And nothing motives me as well as a deadline!

Zen Headlines capture the essence of our purpose in creating The IndexCardCure™. We promise our readers we will help simplify life, one issue at a time, and so does a Zen Headline. We are trying to identify problems, irritants and obstacles to a calm life and then propose solutions to conquering them. One step at a time. With the hope of mastering a solution and obtaining a better, calmer, more Zen-like life in seven easy steps.

Some of my blogs have digressed from this formula, probably because for me, life doesn’t Screenshot 2016-03-01 22.41.18always fit into my preconceived categories. I am trying to make time to stop and smell the roses, and I want to share my observations along the way. From now on, a Zen Headline from me will indicate I have come upon a new issue, or a new challenge in life and I am attempting to master it in seven steps or less.  The rest of my ramblings, I am assured by Jon Morrow, will fit neatly into one of the 5 remaining headline templates. And you my faithful reader will be instantly captivated and persuaded to read the blog.

© Jane F. Collen January 19, 2016

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