Progress not perfection

imageMaintaining relationships (and/or blogs) takes an effort, but it doesn’t have to be all work. While visiting the Hudson highlands to attend a conference, my co-blogger, Jane and I were able to link up. Jane and I have been friends for a long time (45 years!). Over that time, we’ve stayed in touch, but working together on Index Card Cure gives us a focus and forces us to communicate regularly. Our face-to-face collaboration this week has been a bonus.


Jane’s apprentice fairy

With writing, sometimes inspiration strikes and other times the process is hard work, like digging hard-packed dirt. While traveling, writing and posting have taken a back seat to re-connecting and learning. Between finding time and an Internet connection, circumstances have delayed completing this post. But I’m committed to friendship, so I do what it takes to find quiet to write, post the blog and focus on the conference. Progress as promised…


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