Cecilia’s BOUNCE CLASS gives kids a jump start on healthy behavior

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photo by Rocio Carlon Studios*

Cecilia McGlew Linnartz started a new thing in Houston- a mini-trampoline class for kids. It’s a great way to tap into their natural energy and help them form good healthy exercise habits.

Cecilia and I were lucky — we grew up trampolining.  My father loved innovations and he would periodically surprise us with toys so fun we had never even imagined they existed.  Over the years we gleefully received and played with a trampoline, a geodesic climbing dome (which, with a tarp thrown over it, doubled as a play house) a tire swing and a zip-line!

The trampoline remains my favorite. I don’t know that I even knew what one was before my father brought one home. It was hard to wait while he set it up.  This was not a mini trampoline, this was gymnasium regulation size. Once it was set up there were regular arguments as to whose turn it was to jump. All the cousins and the neighborhood kids enjoyed it too. And when winter came it was put away to preserve it from the elements.

A harbinger of spring? Dad outside in the back yard wearing his big work gloves pulling the springs and systematically attaching the trampoline bed to the frame.

I still love jumping to this day.  It is a part of my weekly exercise.  And apparently Cecilia’s too.  She has been exercising and practicing healthy eating habits long before it was a national cause.

I think that maybe just the way I want to teach the world to read, Cecilia wants to teach the world to jump!

Passing on this love of movement to kids ensures their health and instills new habits. When we were kids we were told to go outside and play. Kids today don’t necessarily have this luxury. Our games involved running, jumping and climbing even if all we played was tag or jump rope.

With classes like the bounce class Cecilia started, kids don’t need to figure out how to jump rope, they can increase their hang time with fun sessions on mini-trampolines. They are not limited to just jumping; Cecilia gives their imaginations a jump start too with 45 minutes of stories, games & imaginative play on a mini-trampoline. P

“Kids naturally want to move and jump; its we parents that tell them to sit down!” Cecilia said. This class celebrates movement and encourages kids to keep on moving — every day. It is all about healthy habits.  Screenshot 2016-05-20 13.50.30

Let’s encourage kids to expend their natural energy, and teach them that energy is the one resource that grows greater and renews itself with more use.

warning: jumping can be habit forming.

*Link:Rocio Carlon Studios

© Jane F. Collen May 24, 2016  IndexCardCure. ONE SMALL STEP FOR NEW HABITS, ONE JUMP FOR HEALTH

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