By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea!

IMG_2316We had such a great time together celebrating the 4th! Me and 23 of my best friends. And no place says “Fourth of July Party” quite like an ocean-viewing beach chair.

The weather was perfect and the company even better. But like many grains of sand stuck in the wrong places, all those people gathered together could get irritating!

Our lives are blessed with lots of different personalities. My younger, less-tolerant self would sometimes get frustrated when dinner for 24 did not go off without a hitch, or when guests volunteered to help and then never did, or worse yet, did not offer at all.  Now I smile and remember that all my loved friends and family contribute to the wonderful time we have together. Some people’s contributions are tangible and delicious (a big thank you to our two main chefs), others ensure smooth running and clean up of the operation but others’ gifts are more ethereal and must be taken with a grain of salt rather than sand.

IMG_2424I have come to realize that anyone can be gracious when everything goes right. It is grace under fire that counts. Luckily this weekend the fire was fireworks – and there was just the right amount. Everyone’s contribution was welcomed and all the contributions helped make the party a great celebration.

I spent the weekend of the Fourth cherishing the entirety of the occasion, loving the irritating sand along with all of the glory of the fireworks.

© Jane F. Collen IndexCardCure™


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