Vacation complete!

Va·ca·tion: an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or traveling. By definition, going to school doesn’t count as vacation. Yes, I traveled to Cambridge and I was away from home, but it was more like an academic Beast, with class attendance, reading, researching and writing, scholarly activities that kept me fully engaged. Despite the hard work, there are many things about the seven weeks that I am grateful for:

  • Opportunities to experience campus and Cambridge
  • Immersion in research–learning about Flannery O’Connor and Gothic fiction
  • Access to libraries and museums
  • Turkey sightings
  • Interesting places to walk, as well as the ability to walk to classes and the train
  • A view of the Charles River, sunsets and sunrises from my 15th floor apartment
  • Visits from my husband, and his willingness to drive me there and back
  • Visits with Jane, my friend and co-blogger
  • Having dinner with Eileen, a friend from high school whom I hadn’t seen in years
  • Having a bike to ride and finding paths and streets for safer riding
  • Realizing how little I need for a comfortable existence
  • Meeting classmates and professors
Gutenberg Bible

Gutenberg Bible at Widener Library

turkey aug 16

Well-fed turkey







ghost bike

Ghost bike memorial–dangers lurk for cyclists

Will I do it again next summer? It depends on grades.  Ask me after they get posted next week.

© Joan S Grey, 11 Aug 2016
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