I Believe in Magic!

Jane with wings 1And I believe I can transfer my magic to kids! Books provide enchanting journeys to other worlds and reading is the magic wand we use to tap into that magic.

I have some partners in my quest to spread the magic of reading: United Way of Westchester/Putnam, JCY-Westchester Community Partners and the Yonkers Public Library.  The Library’s summer reading program is a huge success. The Yonker’s Library provides school-suggested summer reading lists, like most libraries do, but then they take it a step further. The Library solicits volunteers, and works with various volunteer groups which make reading a priority, to set up reading buddies for the students.   Twice a week throughout the summer, volunteers from groups like The United Way’s United2Read program, Jane without wings 2come to read along with children and help them sustain and improve their reading skills. I am lucky enough to be a member of the Woman’s Leadership Counsel of United Way, so I got to help share some of the magic of reading to children from preschool to 7th grades.

I listened and read to children whose ability ranged from struggling to enthusiastically proficient. I hope my attention and reading assistance nurtured their joy for the stories and strengthened their commitment to excel at reading. I hope it was as fun for the kids as it was for me. I know I was impressed by both the volunteers and the children’s dedication to spending the time to read together.

Even though magical reading, like creativity is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, sometimes it felt that my passion for reading was magically transferred to the reader.

© Jane F. Collen August 30, 2016  IndexCardCure™ improving one magical step at a time.

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