What A Mess! I’m in this up to my elbows.

img_0123And trust me this mess is not staged.

I Can’t Possibly Write A Post — I have too much cooking to do!

Today is baking day. I have only gotten the chocolate cookie dough mixed and chilled so far. There are many pies to go before I sleep.

At the end of the messy day there was more grocery shopping to do. Tomorrow is the real cooking day, but mercifully, my real co-cooks will join me. As soon as we finish baking a few more things we will start the savory cooking.img_0126

The food doesn’t just magically appear at the table on Thanksgiving Day. (I WISH my magic wand worked that well.) America has a long history of preparing a feast for this special day of counting our blessings. I am spending my cooking time remembering all the great cooks, mothers and caregivers before me who have lovingly (and sometimes crabbily) prepared Thanksgiving dinner. 

Thanks Mom — I remember the huge crowds you served. Two enormous turkeys with all the trimmings dished out on good china and freshly washed and ironed tablecloths. Several years in a row she hosted 45 people. We all sat around enjoying the feast she cooked. I am now wearing her apron.

Those are tough serving platters to follow! I will keep counting my blessings — but I had better get back into the kitchen.

Copyright Jane F. Colllen November 22, 2016 IndexCardCure counting our blessings.


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