A Blueberry Walking Her Dog! 

img_0511Or is it a baby boldly going forth in the fashion industry where no baby has gone before?

I only know that this sight brought a smile and some bright cheer to every passer-by. Her parents and I were surprised at how many people stopped to take her picture!

This wonderful sight can only be seen in the dead cold of January.

“I’ve Always Loved the Month of January!” is not a phrase you often hear in the North in the US. But if you ever heard it, it was because I said it!. 

There are lots of reasons that January is my favorite month:

img_0457 Sledding, skiing, skating;img_0414

post-holiday bargain shopping; seeing Broadway shows for a fraction of the cost with discount tickets; enjoying my birthday and anniversary; drinking hot chocolate — the most appropriate beverage for any January occasion; these are a few of my favorite things.

In some places, January sparkles as much as December. In Park City Utah the holiday lights shine through the whole ski season. img_0398Embracing the winter and enjoying January is just another exercise in training myself to view the glass as half full. There are dreary days in every month, and with only a little positive perspective happiness becomes a habit.

The mid afternoon January sunset is less of an ending and more like a revelation of the wonders of the winter season. I refuse to hide from the cold – I am bundling up like the blueberry and going outside to enjoy it.

Copyright Jane F. Collen January 17, 2017 IndexCardCure. positive habits lead to happiness

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