Creating a vision for the year

A collage representing things you would like to be or attract to your life goes by the name of vision board or treasure map. It’s a good project to mark the beginning of the year. It’s also more fun when you make one in the company of friends.


Board credit: Kris

Our group has extended the visioning process over several weeks, expertly facilitated by Kris. We began by looking back, pondering the life experiences that brought us to this moment. Thoughtfully considering your previous vision board, if you have one, sit with your feelings about what it reveals. What happened or didn’t happen? You may need to refer to your calendar to remember high points–adventures, exhilarations, passions and accomplishments.  Write to remember. List the experiences, perhaps finding space on the past year’s board itself.


  • How you’ve lived your vision?
  • How have you grown?
  • What have been your greatest challenges?
  • Did you cultivate special qualities or learn something new?
  • What do you want to release?
  • Is there something to forgive and let go?

After reflecting back, turn your attention to the way forward and the year ahead. What are you feeling called to do? Be open to spirit’s guidance for the upcoming year. In a reflective state, browse magazines or books and tear out pictures and phrases that appeal–no explanations necessary. Then affix the images and words onto paper. While many people use poster board, others use smaller-sized paper and then bind the pages book-like. vision-board1

You will want to review your creation regularly, so place it where you can see it as a visual reminder of the possibilities that await.  .When the student is ready, the magic will appear.



© Joan S Grey, 20 Jan 2017
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Featured image vision board credit: Lissa





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