Trending Bookstores: A cozy Niche at Scattered Books

unnamedA gem of a bookstore is nestled near the train station in Chappaqua, NY. Cozy couches line the front window just inviting you to curl up with a good book. That is, after you browse the great selection and make your choice, perhaps after listening to some of the recommendations of the shop owner, Laura Scott Schaefer.unnamed-3

But the bookshop is not just brimming over with good books. It is also a hub of some great cultural activity. Many events happen weekly at Scattered Books.Today, READING WITH RABBIT, their Tuesday morning toddler read-a-loud program not only featured Acorn, the bunny but also a special guest reader Dr Gina. A local dentist practicing in Mount Kisco, Dr Gina appeared and read to the children in honor of Dental Hygiene Awareness Week.


Captivating a core audience, Dr. Gina moved from story time to a craft project – while giving the kids a pep talk on good dental habits. The event was free and there were a lot of teeth showing in smiles as the children left with a goody bag of water and a tooth brush!unnamed-2

From local artwork to local authors, there is something for everyone in this cozy bookstore. Especially on a rainy February morning, Scattered Books is the place for children of all ages to enjoy some great conversation and find some good reads.

copyright: Jane F. Collen IndexCardCure finding local adventures.

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