A library awaits…

steven-readerChildren have schools, but everyone has access to public libraries. I’m always amazed at the resources and activities available. When we were looking for a place to live, proximity to a library was a consideration for location. And, we are lucky enough to live just three blocks from our local branch in Arlington County, VA. The library shares space with a senior center  and adjoins a playground and water park, options for fun depending on your age or activity level.

When most people think of libraries, they think of books. Besides the traditional paper- and hard-back formats, these days patrons also have access to electronic, audio or large print versions.  Additionally, libraries have DVD’s, music and magazines. And research sites galore. Choose your pleasure!

Reasons I love libraries:

  • They provide places for transformation through access to materials and ideas.
  • They encourage reading, researching and fun. Explore this amazing resource, paid for with tax dollars.
  • They’ve adjusted to a technology-oriented world. Computer terminals and WiFi connections are a popular feature at my local library. Welcome to the Internet age.
  • Innovative programs and services engage patrons and the community. When I visited the library this week, a swarm of children and parents were creating valentines.
  • The staff is there to serve, whether helping find a book or providing a tutorial on an e-reader.
  • There’s always something to discover or explore.
  • They foster creativity and life-long learning.
  • They recycle household CFL’s, eyeglasses, & cell phones

library-signWhile Jane was describing a bookshop when she said in an earlier blog: It’s “brimming over with good books. It is also a hub of some great cultural activity,” the same can be said for libraries. Since an effective democracy requires educated citizens, make a point to learn something new. For information, inspiration, and discovery, check out your library. Or, come visit and we can explore mine together.


© Joan S Grey, 10 Feb 2017
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