Another Reason To Love Libraries: Bubbles!

unnamed-7I guess there are a million and one reasons to still love the community library. My co-blogger Joan gave us some brilliant reasons in A LIBRARY AWAITS and I can only agree with everything she said. Furthermore, I have to add – the first thing I did when I moved to town was check out the library. There I not only found books for the whole family and neighbors to befriend us, I also found out all kinds of information about the town which made our transition into a new place easier.

Even though that was long ago, the library IS still avant-garde in keeping itself a vital part of the community, just as Joan articulated.

I personally have reconnected with the community library through my granddaughter. Libraries are still reaching out to potential new readers at an early age and making the community feel welcome to enjoy its bounty of resources. Libraries host many weekly programs for adults and kids. I was fortunate to discover a great program for walkers under 2 years old that my granddaughter just loves. Kids and their caretakers sing songs and clap out rhymes – activities which function as precursors to stories and reading. Best of all — there are always bubbles. The kids interact, pop bubbles and can’t wait to play with puzzles and read books after the group disperses. The weekly trip to the library exposes children to the artwork of the older groups and the activities that they can grow into.

There is a lot going on at the local library and even very young kids learn to love it all.

copyright Jane F. Collen February 14, 2017  IndexCardCure forming community

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