Praying for Serenity



courage.pngSome things we can influence. Put your time and energy into these.

  • Face forward instead of looking back.
  • What are some actions a citizen might take?
  • What actions are YOU willing to take regularly?
  • What issue are you most passionate about?
  • Do those actions/issues bring you into community with other like-minded people?
  • Use the wisdom of a group to overcome inertia and provide accountability.


Living one day at a time; 

enjoying one moment at a time; 

accepting hardships as the pathway to peace

Serenity Prayer – Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

Little grassroots people can change this world.— Wangari Maathai

wisdom circle.png


© Joan S Grey, 17 Feb 2017
IndexCardCure™: finding a path to peace

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