Letter to elected officials

Republican party.pngDear Republican Party,

Are you concerned? If not, are you paying attention? Your boy won the election. This is your regime. That means his behavior reflects on you. Unfortunately, his immaturity also damages the reputation of all Americans and the United States of America.

Have you noticed the circus operating from the oval office. While the chaotic messages and singed diplomatic bridges aren’t so good politically, it’s been absolutely inspiring to comedians. As the Washington Post  noted: “Sean Spicer went full Melissa McCarthy today.” Yeah for you, getting what you wanted, if attention and humor are what you’re aiming for. The seat of government as fodder for laughs: Let’s make America funny again. But what do you expect when you endorse a reality TV personality for president?   We understand; he’s new in the job. Have you thought about assigning a tutor, mentor, or babysitter? Maybe ground him and take away his electronics?

Look at the first month’s accomplishments:

  • Press briefing buffoonery
  • “Alternative facts”
  • QVC shopping commercial, brought to you courtesy of the executive branch
  • National Security Advisor Flynn’s 24 day tour of duty
  • An out-of-the-loop Vice
  • Secret discussions in a public setting
  • Photo op with the “football” carrier (nuclear launch codes) 
  • Russia questions: Who knew what, when? Did they or didn’t they hack the election?
  • Can’t wait for the next craziness of the day

Gravitas lacking, absurdity abounds–great platform. Maybe this is what you expected from your party brethren. But you are your brother’s keeper. And we, the American people are watching, evaluating and counting down to the midterm elections: 620 days. Track it yourself.

Your constituents

womensmarch100P.S. This is not a movement. This is our life and we are paying attention.

© Joan S Grey, 24 Feb 2017
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