Take the FaceBook 60 Day Gratitute Challenge

My post last week Gratitude Artfully Expressed sharpened my awareness of all of the information available about the benefits of expressing gratitude. Who doesn’t want to be happier, and live life with a more positive attitude?

My friend Lisa K outlines how expressing gratitude can even boost your intuitive skills How To Be Grateful To Boost Your Happiness and Intuition. The wonderful feelings you get from gratitude and the appreciation it engenders in you cause you to be more open to the messages The Source is sending about your life, Lisa K. advises. Her post continues with some concrete ways to hone this skill.

The “60 Day” part of the FaceBook Gratitude Challenge may be long past, but people keep posting their wonderful, inspiring stories of how expressing gratitude is changing their lives. This is not a new concept; I can think of songs my father used to sing “Watch the doughnut, not the hole!” and jokes he used to tell that spoke of the benefits of positive thinking. The step of naming what we are grateful enables us to focus on the positive almost effortlessly changing our outlooks. Sign up! You get some literature and some guidance in developing your gratitude habit.

I can think of a dozen situations, just in the past two days where I had a choice between railing at a misfortune (stuck behind a school bus when I was already late; not being able to find a book I needed at my house) or viewing the obstacle as an opportunity to do something I would not have allotted the time for (making a call to a friend–hands free of course!; finding a book that I did not realize I had.)

A positive attitude is a choice that gets easier when we are in the habit of expressing our gratitude.


© Jane F. Collen Feb 28 2017 IndexCardCure positive steps to a grateful life

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